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Caitlin Davis

This Is Obviously Caitlin’s Fault

By Unsilent Majority | 33 comments

Via Busted Coverage comes troubling news that the Philadelphia Eagle cheerleader auditions will only be open to those who have already graduated high school, most likely as a result of the Caitlin Davis saga that went down in New England last season.

captain caveman

Six of Weather, Half-Dozen of Boobs

By Captain Caveman | 37 comments

I think we can all agree that football is 200% more awesome in the snow.

captain caveman

In Which England Learns to Love the NFL

By Captain Caveman | 32 comments

Brits may not like our version of football, but they are powerless to resist our objectification of women: THEY'LL [sic] be a little bit of America at Wembley this Sunday when the New Orleans Saints face-off against the San Diego Chargers for only the second ever NFL game played outside of the US.

Friday Cheerleader Post

Fictional Cheerleader Biography: Mindy

By Christmas Ape | 29 comments

Melinda's mother died giving birth to her first and only daughter.