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By Captain Caveman | 14 comments

How Not to Be in a Fantasy Football League.

captain caveman

Fantasy Football Is a Cruel Mistress: One Douchebag’s Season of Idiocy in Review

By Captain Caveman | 58 comments

Note: If you're one of those people that doesn't want to hear about fantasy teams, best move along to the next post.


Why Are My F-cking Fantasy Football Teams So Sh-tty?

By Monday Morning Punter | 52 comments

I played in five fantasy football leagues this year; I didn't make the playoffs in any of them.

captain caveman

Oh, hello. I understand your fantasy team needs to get f–ked?

By Captain Caveman | 41 comments

Welp, it won't be easy to score negative points, but I'll see what I can do.


By Monday Morning Punter | 15 comments

Fun Fact For Fantasy Football Fuckfaces: Ronnie Brown was benched in 75% of all Yahoo.