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An Oral History of ESPN Monday Night Countdown

By Christmas Ape | 43 comments

What once began in 1993 as a fledgling cable program called "NFL Prime Monday", "ESPN Monday Night Countdown" is now on the verge of celebrating its 20th season on the air.

xmas ape

ESPN Secures NFL Star Fluffing Rights For Yet Another Decade

By Christmas Ape | 32 comments

This morning, ESPN announced it had reached an eight-year extension of its broadcasting agreement with the NFL.

captain caveman

ESPN Accidentally Dabbles in Irony

By Captain Caveman | 28 comments

I mean, I can understand Rise of the Planet of the Apes sponsoring "NFL Live" -- but letting the apes host the show.


You Are Causing Us All Great Herm

By Christmas Ape | 65 comments

Anyone who watches NFL Live on ESPN deserves every bit of the wanton retardery they get in return, whether it's the unremitting Merril Hoge "factor back gutting it out for the football gods" talk or the fact that the show would confront something like Dez Bryant having to foot a huge restaurant tab for his teammates and pretend like it's not a situation that happens to rookies in the league every single year.

chris mortensen

SEXY FRIDAY: Mort’s ‘Other’ Reports From The Bus

By Monday Morning Punter | 58 comments

On July 30th of this year, ESPN dispatched noted NFL reporter Chris Mortensen on a 21-city tour of the league's training camps.


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