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Willis McGahee to try out for professional rugby league

By Eric Sollenberger | 24 comments

The 33 year-old McGahee played in the NFL for 11 years, most recently with the Browns last season where he averaged a Toby Gerhardt-esque 2.7 YPC over a 12 game span.

eric sollenberger

Rugby League star to try professional football, NFL announcers everywhere prepare to misuse the term “scrum”

By Eric Sollenberger | 86 comments

He plays on one of the best club teams and represents Australia's national side in the Four Nations tournament.


KSK Mock Draft: Vacations

By Eric Sollenberger | 334 comments

This week we're drafting vacation spots. It's pretty straightforward, they can be from anywhere in the world and you don't even necessarily have to have been there


KSK Mock Draft: Celebrity you never want to hear from ever again

By Eric Sollenberger | 379 comments

The field is deep, and yet somehow we only made it through two rounds, leaving lots of solid undrafted choices for you guys in the comment section.

eric sollenberger

KSK Mock Draft: Best uniforms of all time

By Eric Sollenberger | 262 comments

Ladies and Gentlemen, today's mock draft will be a celebration of the uniform. We're not limiting it to sports either, this could be any uniform of all time. Will the Chargers powder blues make an appearance? How about a throwback fig leaf?

eric sollenberger

KSK Mock Draft: Player we wish never left us

By Eric Sollenberger | 228 comments

Now you never have to see your favorite player leave before their time.

eric sollenberger

This week in f**k you: South By Southwest

By Eric Sollenberger | 194 comments

Via  Hi everyone it's me, the guy who lives in a city that has a very popular festival and gets grumpy at outsiders every year.


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