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andy reid's velveeta farts

Canada, Shmanada: Why the NFL Needs to Give Up On Toronto

By Trevor Risk | 243 comments

Canada is the NFL's bootycall, and we have several snapchats saved of the NFL's half-erect wanger. I say, we put them on Reddit, and flame the relationship.


Odd Chips Of Scotland And England: Football Foodie Snacks For NFL London Fans

By Sarah Sprague | 15 comments

Since Roger Goodell just cannot help himself when it comes to his dreams of NFL-izing the United Kingdom and has announced the addition of a third London game each season, I thought it might be a good time to revisit a topic from a few years ago; what sort of chips would you eat as an NFL fan in the UK.

Big Daddy Drew

Peter King Calls Out The United Kingdom’s Coffeemakers

By Big Daddy Drew | 91 comments

When we last left toilet-stuffing spongeblob Peter King, he was indulging in semi-brief, quasi-LeBronish Favrian semi-arguments, and imploring you to find a rich uncle to spot you ten grand to help Dr.


Dolphins Struggle With Injuries, Geography

By Monday Morning Punter | 19 comments

So Channing Crowder is probably gonna get a start in that game over in England this weekend, as Zach Thomas is hurt, so he'll have a limited amount of time to pick up some of the nuances of that defense.

Big Daddy Drew

KSK Guide to American Football For Pussified Countries Of The International Arena: England!

By Big Daddy Drew | 45 comments

Now that the NFL has decided to start playing games abroad in an attempt to extend their global fanbase, we at KSK have taken it upon ourselves to begin a multi-part series schooling our international friends in all things NFL.