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Big Sandy

Twitter Beef: Drew Brees vs Roddy White

By Big Sandy | 9 comments

At least Roddy didn't go back on a bet.


Drew Brees Is Bringing Movie Cosplay To A Biblical Level

By Burnsy | 52 comments

Probably best not to reference floods around New Orleans.

inside blogball

KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Drew Brees as Gatsby, Tony Romo as Staubach

By Sarah Sprague | 48 comments

Image from @DrewBrees via TBL  - It seems a little on the nose for New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and his $100 million contract to dress up in roaring '20s costumes with his wife for a screening of THE GREAT GATSBY, but they did it anyway.


What’s On Aaron Rodgers’ Mind? Sexy Friday

By Burnsy | 45 comments

It really shouldn’t have surprised anyone when the New Orleans Saints caved and gave QB Drew Brees that amazing contract last week.