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Greg Hardy Signed With The Cowboys

By David Rappoccio | 47 comments

Hardy gets a one-year deal worthy up to $13 million from Dallas.

domestic violence

Roger Goodell Probably Didn’t Enjoy His Sunday New York Times

By StuScott Booyahs | 10 comments

Would you believe a league spokesperson claims complete ignorance of everything in the report? It's true!


Former GM: NFL covered up “hundreds and hundreds” of domestic abuse cases

By Big Sandy | 17 comments

Something a lot of people probably assumed but telling to hear a GM say it.

Big Sandy

ESPN report: Yes, the Ravens and NFL tried to cover up the Ray Rice incident

By Big Sandy | 122 comments

It's a pretty damning and detailed report and even suggests that the original two-game suspension to Rice was a favor from Goodell to Bisciotti.

Big Sandy

49ers suspend announcer for talking about Ray Rice, still start Ray McDonald

By Big Sandy | 32 comments

Apparently for the 49ers, domestic violence is okay but talking about it is bad.