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Big Sandy

Brent Grimes out-Megatroned Megatron

By Big Sandy | 2 comments

Brent Grimes is dirrrrrrrty with a one-handed interception

Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan Throws Worst Interception Ever

By Johnny Sugar | 2 comments

He'll be hearing about this one for quite some time.

detroit lions

Nick Fairley Carted Off With Nasty Looking Knee Injury

By Christmas Ape | 4 comments

Never a thing you want to see and especially bad for Fairley in a contract year.

buffalo bills

KLEARINGHOUSE: Total Douche Move, Brah

By Christmas Ape | 69 comments

Plus Adrian Peterson denies a bunch of stuff.

buffalo bills

Dan Carpenter May Have Had Laser Pointers Directed At Him During Field Goals Today

By Johnny Sugar | 8 comments

In Doug Marrone's post-game press conference, he claimed that laser pointers were directed at Carpenter's head during both of his 3rd-quarter field goals