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Get Your Broncos Off-Season Champs Gear

By Christmas Ape | 77 comments

Hope they sell a bunch. It'll help offset the cost of John Elway's spending spree.

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KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Knowshon Moving On

By Christmas Ape | 37 comments

Knowshon moving on, Peyton's dumb new facial hair, Polamalu staying in Pittsburgh and Browner back.

denver broncos

Three Years Into The Job, John Elway Is Now Officially A General Manager

By Christmas Ape | 61 comments

John Elway didn't win a Super Bowl this year, but he did get an official title.

a cold bowl that isn't cold

KSK’s Super Bowl XLVIII Live Blog

By Christmas Ape | 1,900 comments

All that fuss and no snow. Just a game and hopefully a good one.


The Taiwanese Animators Have A Super Bowl Preview

By Christmas Ape | 12 comments

It has Marshawn Lynch eating Skittles to turn into Beast from X-Men and then proceeding to shove a Grammy up Macklemore's ass. Not sure what else you need in an NMA video.