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kirk cousins

Mike Shanahan Puts Dan Snyder’s Favorite Toy Way Up On The Highest Shelf

By PFT Commenter | 42 comments

Well well well we all knew it would come to this one days folks.

Bobby Big Wheel

Show Everyone You’re Not Racist By Buying A T-Shirt

By BobbyBigWheel | 58 comments

The Redskins' latest step on the We're Not Racist PR Tour.

dan snyder

What Do You Get For The Man Who Wants Everything?

By Trevor Risk | 15 comments

Twitter user @BrendanPorath was zooming around Google satellite images and spotted this in Dan Snyder's yard.

Bobby Big Wheel

Dan Snyder Invites Redskins Fans To Wear Blackface on Halloween

By BobbyBigWheel | 26 comments

I want to reach out to you -- our fans -- about a topic I wish to address directly: the wearing of blackface on Halloween.

bad MS Paint

Dan Snyder’s New Kicks — Your Photoshop Submissions

By StuScott Booyahs | 21 comments

The winner of the Dan Snyder's New Kicks (hopefully annual) photoshop competition is.

dan snyder

KSK 2013 NFL Prekkake: Washington Redskins

By Christmas Ape | 55 comments

Last year: 10-6, NFC East champs, lost in Wild Card round Acquisitions: Nick Barnett, Donte Stallworth, David Amerson, Darryl Tapp, Jeremy Trueblood Departures: Cedric Griffin, Madieu Williams, Chris Cooley, Lorenzo Alexander, Brandon Banks Vegas win total over/under: 8 1/2 wins Verdict: UNDER Five proposed new names for the Redskins: - Redtails - Pigskins - Red Pandas - Transplants - D.

it's satire people

2% Of Congress Sent Dan Snyder A Letter

By Unsilent Majority | 28 comments

Because this is what happens when you run your mouth to the newspaper of record (business traveler edition).

Washington Redskins

Dan Snyder Found The Hill He Wants To Die On

By Christmas Ape | 33 comments

Dan Snyder has made no bones about the fact that he wants his team to keep being called the Redskins.