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Brahs and Bros

Kyle Orton (and NOT Andre The Giant) Has A Posse

By Trevor Risk | 23 comments

Yes, the neckbearded journeyman is quickly becoming a favorite among a growing demographic of young men.

cincinnati bengals

Bengals Fan Nick Lachey Removed from Chargers Home Game, Stays Classy

By Sarah Sprague | 29 comments

Via Noted Bengals fan, singer, show host and famous former-newlywed Nick Lachey was removed from the Cincinnati Bengals-San Diego Chargers game Sunday afternoon before he could see his beloved brown black and orange stripes benefit from another resounding Charger failure on the field.


Before There Was Brady: A Definitive Gallery Of The NFL’s Greatest Bro, Joe Namath

By Burnsy | 62 comments

The NFL would be exponentially better from a media and soundbite standpoint if every team had its own Joe Namath.

Cool bros

Tom Brady Is ‘Cool’ According to Magazine That Once Posed Tom Brady With a Goat

By Unsilent Majority | 43 comments

Gisele B√ľndchen's most prized accessory will reportedly be named as the 23rd coolest man in America by GQ.