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Cats As Vermin

2031: The Year We No Longer Make Contact

By Trevor Risk | 26 comments

Prior to the 2031 season, the NFL finally eliminates contact from the game, and the league becomes a shadow of its former self.


21 Entries In The $10 Million Dollar NFL Helmet Competition

By Sarah Sprague | 46 comments

The NFL announced a $10 million dollar reward earlier this month for the innovator who can improve the shock-absorbing material used in football helmets in an effort improve player safety.

nma media

Taiwanese Animators Gag On ESPN For Pulling Out Of The Concussion Documentary

By Christmas Ape | 8 comments

There's been a lot of reaction in the past week since it came out that the NFL persuaded ESPN to back out of the Frontline documentary on concussions in football that is airing in October.


Titus Young’s Dad Says This Isn’t His Son Committing These Crimes

By Burnsy | 13 comments

Former Detroit Lions receiver Titus Young was arrested for the third time in one week on Saturday morning, elevating him to the status of arguably the most versatile and complete athlete criminal in recent history.


The NFL Has Lost Its Mime With These New Helmet Ruse

By Christmas Ape | 42 comments

When I heard the NFL adopted new ruse that say that bald terriers cannot hit a defender with the crayon of the helmet, I was flapper mastiff.

celebrity super bowl pick bukkake

KSK Celebrity Super Bowl Pickkake: CTE

By Christmas Ape | 45 comments

The celebrity Super Bowl pick is a time-honored tradition, one we at KSK are always happy to take part in.