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Cleveland Browns

Joe Thomas Is Basically A Captain Planet Villain

By Christmas Ape | 75 comments

Joe Thomas' property in Wisconsin has 11 alleged environmental violations, but don't forget he's an elite football player.

Andrew Hawkins

Talk radio host Dan Sileo gives his thoughts on “I can’t breathe” from inside a toilet stall

By PFT Commenter | 26 comments

The morning show host would like you to know what he thinks about civil rights issues while also taking a crap.

cincinnati bengals

A Cleveland News Station Sent a Little Person to Marvin Lewis’ Press Conference

By Christmas Ape | 48 comments

FOX 8's "Lil' John" Rinaldi attending Marvin Lewis presser two days after the Bengals coach jokingly called Johnny Manziel a "midget".

Cleveland Browns

Johnny Manziel Had A Money Cake For 22nd Birthday

By Christmas Ape | 56 comments

I've always dreamed of eating a giant bag of money.


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