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Aaron Rodgers

Bears-Packers Live Blog — Second Half

By Christmas Ape | 783 comments

With two offensive lines disinclined to block anyone and a Packers receiving corps that is obligated to drop every other pass, we've got seven sacks and 13 points at the break, most of those points coming from a fake field goal for a touchdown.

clay matthews

Today In Linebackers Being Dicks

By Christmas Ape | 42 comments

Clay Matthews and James Harrison are among the best pass rushing outside linebackers in the league.

Green Bay Packers

So Clay Matthews Wasn’t A Tiny Thor Kid?

By Christmas Ape | 20 comments

Over the weekend, one of them innernet wags tweeted this picture of a kid with a lush, blond flowing mullet to Clay Matthews, who retweeted it with a vague jokey comment, leading some to believe that the image is actually of a young Claymaker.

Bill Belichick

Loogit All Them Purdy NFL Pictures

By Christmas Ape | 7 comments

At least the kid died with a creepy mustache.


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