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Preseason Fashion Police: Beards, Shorts and Sammy Watkins Cosplay

By Sarah Sprague | 32 comments

Football, where we all play dress-up and tell ourselves it's not as geeky as ComicCon.

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Cincinnati Loves Redheads

By RobotsFightingDinosaurs | 95 comments

If Adam Schefter is to be believed, Cincinnati just locked up their beloved Andy Dalton for the next six years with a hefty $115 million contract.

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The Hue Jackson Conspiracy

By David Rappoccio | 31 comments

  With the Redskins taking Jay Gruden from the Bengals to be their new Snyder puppet, the Bengals have promoted Hue Jackson to be their new offensive coordinator.

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Chargers-Bengals Wild Card Live Blog

By Christmas Ape | 746 comments

Can the Bengals win in the playoffs for the first time in 23 years?

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Bengals Get Face Deflection INT

By Christmas Ape | 2 comments

NFL defenses practice the tip drill for situations just like this. It's just not often that the tip comes courtesy of a player's head. The rare achievement by Dre Kirkpatrick to set up the pick.

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Vontaze Burfict Frisked By Law Enforcement After TD

By Old James | 1 comment

After scooping up a Browns fumble and taking it back 13 yards for a touchdown, the Bengals linebacker was congratulated by an armed officer with a good, old fashioned pat on the rear.