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Dwayne Bowe The Latest ” To Be Cut or Traded” WR

By Trevor Risk | 33 comments

Not that it matters. No Chiefs receiver could get a touchdown anyway.


Kansas City Police Investigating Homicide In Arrowhead Parking Lot

By Eric Sollenberger | 20 comments

Details are sketchy at the moment, but it appears that Kansas City Police are investigating a homicide that may have taken place in the Arrowhead Stadium parking lot after the Chiefs’ 35-28 loss against the Broncos.


AFC West Midseason Report Card

By Old James | 24 comments

You're out there, AFC West fans. We see you. We hear you, too - boastfully waxing about how your team plays in the toughest division football doesn't go unnoticed.

Carl Peterson (not the sex offender)

Chiefs No Longer Need Saving, Monarchy Effective Immediately

By Trevor Risk | 15 comments

Apparently five games into an undefeated season is all it takes for the rag-tag bunch of radicals known as the "Save Our Chiefs" movement to unilaterally decide that, yes indeed the Chiefs HAVE been saved, and their work is done here.


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