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Big Sandy

Eight preseason games that still will not mean anything even if you watch

By Big Sandy | 20 comments

I’m not sure if you saw but BOOM! The NFL dropped the preseason schedule yesterday!

David Rappoccio

Designing the new Browns logo

By David Rappoccio | 45 comments

If you are a Browns fan that hates jokes about how bad your team is I would advise you to turn back now. KSK assumes no responsibility for emotional damage

cat in the hat

Charlie Weis to interview with the Browns

By Eric Sollenberger | 59 comments

It's too wet to go out, and too wet to play ball. So they sat in the office and did nothing at all. When all of a sudden they hear a loud bump at the door.

apology forthcoming

Marvin Lewis called Johnny Manziel a “midget”

By Big Sandy | 21 comments

Marvin Lewis: not only saying bad things about concussions.

Big Sandy

The KSK Scale of Sadness: Down the stretch

By Big Sandy | 28 comments

Who has the inside track on the sadness championship?


Klearinghouse: Pouncey Twins being sued for assault, Browns “alarmed” by Manziel

By Sarah Sprague | 73 comments

Was this a week for some stupid news or was this a week for some REALLY stupid news?


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