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Willis McGahee to try out for professional rugby league

By Eric Sollenberger | 24 comments

The 33 year-old McGahee played in the NFL for 11 years, most recently with the Browns last season where he averaged a Toby Gerhardt-esque 2.7 YPC over a 12 game span.

afc champhionship

Broncos ingest cheese mascot to appease football gods

By Big Sandy | 2 comments

And, lo, did Peyton come down from the mountain, carrying two tablets.


AFC West Midseason Report Card

By Old James | 24 comments

You're out there, AFC West fans. We see you. We hear you, too - boastfully waxing about how your team plays in the toughest division football doesn't go unnoticed.


John Elway gets a taste of his free agent aquisitions

By David Rappoccio | 28 comments

Last year Elway shocked the football world by nabbing Peyton Manning, mostly so he could send Tebow away and doom us all to free Papa Johns pizzas.

bob stoops

A Quick Warning To Pat Bowlen

By Big Daddy Drew | 19 comments

The Rocky Mountain News has reported that Broncos owner Pat Bowlen is considering Bob Stoops for the team’s now vacant head coaching position.