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Brett Favre

Because Everyone Knows That Wisconsin Is Like One Huge Betty Ford Clinic

By Unsilent Majority | 41 comments

We all know that Brett Favre was a tremendous drunk, but did you know that his old coach shipped him off to Green Bay in an effort to get him sober.

Brett Favre

He’s Like A Poorly Coached Kid Out There!

By Unsilent Majority | 39 comments

Last night saw Brett Favre lined up wide in the wildcat package and the veteran gunslinger put together a perfect demonstration of the illegal crackback block on Houston's Eugene Wilson.


HURRRRRR DOYYYYYYY HEE-HAW!!! Your Brett Favre on ‘Joe Buck Live’ Open Thread

By Captain Caveman | 66 comments

All right, people, if you've got HBO and you're watching this aborted douchefetus, let us hear your thoughts.

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Will He Or Won’t He?

By Monday Morning Punter | 51 comments

[Office of Mike Tannenbaum, New York Jets general manager.