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Brandon Jacobs on Jim Harbaugh: “He is a bitch.”

By Eric Sollenberger | 17 comments

Jacobs went on WFAN's "Boomer and Carton" show this morning to talk about the Super Bowl and other stuff that a guy named "Boomer" would want to discuss.

Ain't Life A Bitch?

Billy Cole, You Got a Call on Line Three.

By Trevor Risk | 22 comments

Giants running back, and occasional shot put amateur, Brandon Jacobs was inactive for last night's NFL event titled, "Someone's Going To Fail Upwards" and that angered up some of his tough-core fantasy owners.

children are our future unless we stop them

Brandon Jacobs Pays Back Little Giants Fan

By Christmas Ape | 14 comments

Sure, Jacobs did a good deed, but Goodell is still gonna fine him for flashing gang signs A few weeks back, we shared the story of the 6-year-old New York Giants fan who emptied his piggy bank of $3.

children are our future unless we stop them

Way To Overpay For Brandon Jacobs, Kid

By Christmas Ape | 8 comments

A six-year-old Giants fan crushed by the departure of his favorite surly, occasionally motivated power back was told by his mother that Brandon Jacobs left to San Francisco because the Giants didn't have enough money to keep him.

xmas ape

Brandon Jacobs Caught Up In ‘Death Race 2012′

By Christmas Ape | 16 comments

It's a scandal that's unfortunately nowhere nearly as gruesome or violent as its moniker suggests, but it does feature a lot of stupidity by law enforcement, so that's nice.

captain caveman

Brandon Jacobs Has Excellent Taste in T-Shirts, Women

By Captain Caveman | 30 comments

Eagle-eyed reader James sent along this winning picture of Giants RB Brandon Jacobs with a tasty piece of arm candy at a party two weeks ago.


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