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Bob Kraft Testifies About His Intimate Greetings With Aaron Hernandez

By Christmas Ape | 28 comments

What did we learn? NFL owners and their players get more touchy than I expected.

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And Here’s Bob Kraft Dancing At A Jay-Z/Beyonce Show

By Christmas Ape | 23 comments

Jerry Richardson hates to see this kind of behavior out of a fellow owner.

new england patriots

Heavily Bleeding Bob Kraft Is The Best Bob Kraft

By Christmas Ape | 11 comments

Vladamir Putin's office is issuing denials that the Russian president acquired his Patriots Super Bowl ring through any other means that it being willfully surrendered by Patriots owner Robert Kraft.


Bob Kraft: “Fack You, Pussy!”

By Christmas Ape | 17 comments

Bob Kraft's lady friend Ricki Noel Lander aspires to be an actress.


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