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Bill Belichick makes out with his girlfriend before games

By PFT Commenter | 32 comments

Huh funny I must of missed this being broadcast on loop throughout ESPNs weekend just like Michael Sams draftday "seven rounds in heaven" with his boyfriend.

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Texts Between Aaron Hernandez and Bill Belichick Revealed

By StuScott Booyahs | 335 comments

We have managed to obtain a portion of those texts, and are sharing it with you here.

Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons’ 4th Quarter Red Zone Offense Narrative

By Christmas Ape | 3 comments

Atlanta was done in for the third time in five games by a last minute red zone drive that came up just short.

Atlanta Falcons

Patriots-Falcons Live Blog, First Half

By Christmas Ape | 617 comments

[via] The whole country will be in a rush to ditch this game once the "Breaking Bad" finale starts.

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This Week In F–k You: Greg Bedard

By Christmas Ape | 73 comments

It's quite a lofty feat to be more annoying than Peter King on PK's own site in the first week of its operation, but that's exactly what Greg Bedard has managed to accomplish.

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Jon Gruden In Booty Shorts: No, No, Too Sexy

By Christmas Ape | 25 comments

Back in April, Jon Gruden stopped by a hair salon in Tampa to get his trademark Chucky hair trimmed.


Young Bill Belichick Was Horrifying

By Christmas Ape | 32 comments

Sorry if my posting this before bed results in nightmares.

Bill Belichick

Meast and Least For Week 11

By Christmas Ape | 108 comments

After Rob Gronkowski broke his forearm on Sunday, everyone had a good laugh at the Patriots in general and Bill Belichick in particular for being his usual dickish grumblelord self by running up the score late in a certain victory and having it backfire on him.