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Prostitution offenses may result in ban from Cowboys games, Super Bowl

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Prostitutes and their clients may become persona non grata at Cowboys games if local officials get their way.

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The Friday Five: brought to you by Volvo and their roomy, if untidy back seats

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Via.   Welcome to the Friday Five, our unimaginatively-named Friday afternoon post where we provide you with five things the KSK staff is looking forward to this coming weekend.

"Lollipop GUILD?? Hail no! I demand good ol' cheap Tixas non-union labor! YEEEE-HAW!!!"

“It’s not all lollipops and chocolates and fun times,” Tony Romo wistfully laments

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  Much to the consternation of their fiery Latino fan-base, the Dallas Cowboys have seen disparate results in their four games this season.

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Fresh fish! Fresh fish! Fresh fish!

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Former Super Bowl hero Plaxico Burress was reportedly met by a number of jeers and catcalls from fellow inmates when he was taken to Riker’s Island prison to begin serving his sentence for weapons violations.