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Super Bowl Foodball Recipe: Chicken Fried Bacon Two Ways With Sausage Gravy

By Sarah Sprague | 35 comments

A little more than a week from now and it's nothing but stale popcorn and basketball games; sunflower seeds, salads and baseball; hockey and arena nachos that never give you enough cheese. May as well get a slab of bacon, slice it, fry it, dip it in sausage gravy and eat it while the final rays of football's shining light falls upon our faces.


Foodball: Toasted BLT Bread

By Sarah Sprague | 19 comments

It's the last weekend before the New Year diets kick in, so why not spend this last rivalry-filled Sunday of the regular season with as much bacon, cheese and carbs you can possibly eat. Our nerves are going to need them all.


Where’s Andre?

By flubby | 21 comments

Alabama tackle Andre Smith showed up at the NFL combine out of shape.

captain caveman

KSK Off-Topic: People on the Internet Are Lying to You About Baconized Alcohol

By Captain Caveman | 76 comments

Yesterday, the good people at Sloshspot created a guide for bacon-infused alcohol and bacon-flavored mixed drinks.

Big Daddy Drew

Ocho and Marvin: Under One Roof! The Bacon Episode

By Big Daddy Drew | 41 comments

In an effort to regain control of his team, Bengals coach Marvin Lewis decides to take the drastic step of bringing volatile wideout Chad Ocho Cinco into his home in a spirited attempt to get the two men to understand one another.


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