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3 ninjas

Light Up The Goalposts, Boys

By Old James | 4 comments

Earlier Donald Penn executed the second most improbable slam dunk I've ever seen.

Adam Schefter

Richie Incognito Ordered the Code Red

By Old James | 62 comments

Yesterday, current (and probably former) Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito was exposed as a violent, racist, defecation exhibitionist when voice mails he’d left teammate Jonathan Martin were made public.

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Texans Turn to Tinder to Solve Their Quarterback Dillema

By Old James | 24 comments

After a long week, Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak has finally settled on a starter at QB for Sunday’s game against the Chiefs.

animated gif


By Captain Caveman | 27 comments

Don't mind me -- just posting this GIF of my new favorite player Maurice Jones-Drew dismissively wanking so the world can have it forever.

animated gif

Early open thread: aging NFL legend hobbles into retirement with dignity

By flubby | 91 comments

The regular season grinds to a halt today with an uninspiring lineup of games.


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