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REPORT: Aaron Hernandez Told Two-Way Mirror He Shot Odin Lloyd

By Christmas Ape | 57 comments

Aaron Hernandez admitted to a two-way police mirror that he shot Odin Lloyd, according to court documents obtained Tuesday by the Associated Press.

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Aaron Hernandez Destroyed Some Guy’s Ear In 2007

By Christmas Ape | 29 comments

Ever since the murder charge was brought against Aaron Hernandez in the Odin Lloyd case, the floodgates of alleged criminality have opened for the former Patriots tight end.

aaron hernandez

Old Timey Buttfumble Rag — KSK Kontent Klearinghouse

By Christmas Ape | 27 comments

The buttfumble is undoubtedly hilarious, but some people act like referencing it alone works for humor, even in lieu of a joke.

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Bernard Pollard Was The Last Player To Tackle Aaron Hernandez

By Christmas Ape | 40 comments

A meaningless, but amusing fact that a few eagle eyes on social media spotted from the AFC Championship Game: Bernard Pollard was the last player to tackle Aaron Hernandez.

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NFL Suspension Chart for Players Who Haven’t Been Convicted of a Crime

By PFT Commenter | 68 comments

If theres one person who has pinned back more ears than the Attleboro City Coroner looking for entry wounds its Commissioner Roger Goodell.