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Klearinghouse: Johnny Clipboard fined, understanding pot DUIs, Bon Jovi too poor to buy Bills

By Sarah Sprague | 48 Comments

That's one expensive middle finger. Bon Jovi couldn't even afford that fine.

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Best Week/Worst Week: RGIII Haters and Sad Nick Fairley

By Unsilent Majority | 13 Comments

Florio accused RGIII of conjuring "imaginary enemies" after Griffin sent out some dumb tweet about "doubters." It was Florio's second post about the totally meaningless tweet in two days.

David Rappoccio

Football Mysteries: The Tennessee Titans

By David Rappoccio | 48 Comments

The Tennessee Titans. A long running urban legend among football fans. Do you remember the Titans? Does anyone?


Steelers-Eagles Preseason Open Thread

By Christmas Ape | 243 Comments

Let's see what other running backs the Steelers can dig up!

Cleveland Browns

Johnny Clipboard Shirts Now For Sale

By Sarah Sprague | 31 Comments

Probably too soon to be Johnny Paper Cut.

KLEARINGHOUSE: Goodbye Levi’s Stadium Turf

By Christmas Ape | 30 Comments

Plus PFT Commenter goes to Seattle, extra points changing and hurt Clowney.

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2014 KSK Fantasy Team Naming Guide

By Christmas Ape | 296 Comments

Get a good fantasy name now because it's your best chance for greatness.