it's satire people

Tony Dungy clarifies his position on Michael Sam: “I forgot to say ‘no offense’ “

By PFT Commenter | 130 Comments

Member of the media blames media for doing things related to being the media.

Cleveland Browns

Everything is coming up Cleveland this morning in the NFL

By Sarah Sprague | 78 Comments

The Cleve is hot hot hot, because everyone is a winner before camp starts.

it's satire people

White History Month- Top 10 White Owners in the History of the NFL

By PFT Commenter | 56 Comments

Who is the whitest of the white owners? NOT SO FAST BON JOVI. You don't have a team yet.

buffalo bills

Fun With Peter King: False Hope Springs Eternal in Buffalo

By StuScott Booyahs | 120 Comments

PK falls for the classic blunder of falling into a land war.

xmas ape

Sexy Friday Takes Five

By Christmas Ape | 362 Comments

I'm on vacation. Don't call me.

Johnny Sugar

Your Guide To What Will Happen In Training Camp

By Johnny Sugar | 26 Comments

Time to get ready for the time to get ready!