Gene Steratore Needs To Replace His Contacts

By Christmas Ape | 3 Comments

As someone else who wears contacts, I feel his pain.

noted crazy person pete carroll

Seahawks Punter Fakes Out Cameraman, Rest Of Seahawks

By RobotsFightingDinosaurs | 5 Comments

The play ended, of course, with Carroll yelling at the ref that it was unfair for Tavon Austin to act like he was going to field the punt.

happy 10th!

Happy 10th, Kirk Cousins!

By RobotsFightingDinosaurs | 5 Comments

Turnover anniversaries are the best to celebrate.

baltimore ravens

Ray Rice Could Be Reinstated By November

By Johnny Sugar | 7 Comments

La Canfora reports Rice could be able to sign with a team in a month. Whether another team will take him is another matter.

Atlanta Falcons

Week 7 Early Games Open Thread

By Christmas Ape | 1,158 Comments

Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan meet for the second time since they were both drafted the same year, plus Bengals and Colts fight for the AFC third seed.


KSK Week In Review: I Can’t Hear You

By Christmas Ape | 191 Comments


dallas cowboys

37 Items You Need in the Event of a Cowboys Winning Apocalypse

By Sarah Sprague | 108 Comments

Hi, I'm Randy "Tank" Thompson and I'm here to talk to you about what our government and our so-called news media won't; the possibility of a Dallas Cowboys winning season.

Always Be Covering

Always Be Covering: Week 7

By Unsilent Majority | 22 Comments

Maybe don't bet on a home dog this week?

David Rappoccio

How to Draw Mike Glennon

By David Rappoccio | 17 Comments

Draw your favorite long-necked quarterback the Rappoccio way.

new england patriots

Referee Helps Patriots Player Before Field Goal Block, Jets Fans Assume Conspiracy

By Christmas Ape | 66 Comments

A referee helps a Pats player with a routine pre-snap adjustment and Jets fans see conspiracy.

Geno Smith

At Least You Tried, Jets

By Christmas Ape | 27 Comments

An admirable performance by the Jets wasn't quite enough to upset the Pats.