Always Be Covering

Always Be Covering: Super Bowl Prop Bets

By Unsilent Majority | 34 Comments

It’s finally here. Everyone’s favorite time of the year when we sit around looking over all of the stupidest prop bets to distract us from the Pro Bowl.


12 other ways the Patriots have cheated

By David Rappoccio | 43 Comments

It's not just spying and deflating balls. Oh no, the Patriots cheat in ways you've never even imagined.

Big Sandy

Saints ownership plans devolves into soap opera

By Big Sandy | 19 Comments

Tom Benson's daughter and two grandchildren are claiming he is no longer fit to control the Saints.

xmas ape

NFL Bad Lip Reading Is Back, Y’all

By Christmas Ape | 34 Comments

The 2014 NFL season bad lip reading is here.

12th Man

The Seahawks Are Out Here Trying To Trademark Numbers

By Christmas Ape | 81 Comments

The Seahawks are working to trademark the number 12 and the word boom.

gratuitious simpsons references

Dan Marino Does Not Flub

By Christmas Ape | 24 Comments

Dan Marino is a broadcast professional and doesn't even need to see a playback.


America Just Can’t Stop Saying Balls

By David Rappoccio | 107 Comments

This isn’t Ballghazi. It’s Ballmageddon.


Bill Belichick took some air out of a football: The new Pearl Harbor

By PFT Commenter | 44 Comments

Like most people my first thought was that maybe the Patriots balls got deflated because Aaron Hernandez shot them all.