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Fun With Greg Bedard

By Christmas Ape | 164 Comments

Peter King is away this week, so MMQB crony Greg Bedard gets to be terrible in his place.

Bitching about Sexy Friday? That's a paddlin'

Sexy Friday Needs A Drink

By Sarah Sprague | 383 Comments

It's been a long week and we could certainly use a nice martini to ease us into the weekend. Ice cold gin, light vermouth, extra olives. Could you dim the lights while you're at it?

lord kill the pain

This Week In F**k You: DJs

By Trevor Risk | 120 Comments

You know that bar you liked hanging out in for the past few years? Well, now at seven o’clock a guy in a fedora and fingerless gloves comes in, hooks up a contraption that looks like a Simon to the sound system, shotguns a Monster Energy Drink and “gets turnt up” or “goes hard” or whatever at 115 decibels.


KSK Sits Down With DRAFT DAY Screenwriters Scott Rothman and Rajiv Joseph

By Sarah Sprague | 39 Comments

When the chance to interview the screenwriters of DRAFT DAY came our way, we couldn't help but want to meet the guys behind the movie and see what it was like to write in a fictional NFL universe that still had to keep its toes in reality.

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KSK Mock Draft: Gym Class Activities

By RobotsFightingDinosaurs | 184 Comments

Gym class. The proving ground for anyone who doesn't want to be called a nerd, bullied, or otherwise picked on in grade school. A terrible meat grinder where only the most athletic are spared insult and injury.

Best Week Worst Week

Best Week/Worst Week: DeSean Jackson and Donald Trump

By Unsilent Majority | 19 Comments

DeSean Jackson's week started with his team leaking a story about their concerns over his ties to some Crips. Then that team cut him.

Fix yo rookie pay scale

Rookie Quarterbacks Aren’t Allowed To Suck Anymore

By Johnny Sugar | 33 Comments

Their reward for their more-or-less encouraging play? Michael Vick and Josh McCown taking their jobs.

Johnny Football

Suggested Phrases For Johnny Manziel To Trademark

By Johnny Sugar | 71 Comments

If you're listening, from one Johnny to another, here's some other phrases you might consider trademarking.

captain caveman

KSK Mailbag: How to Talk to Attractive Strangers

By Captain Caveman | 121 Comments

Fortunately for you and me, a li'l hangover has never stopped me from writing TOP-TIER, SUPER-PREMIUM life advice. Let's do this!