Cheesy Names For The New Packers Dating Site

By Sarah Sprague | 176 Comments

Good news single and looking Packers fans, there is a new dating site geared just for you!

chris johnson

Jets Sign Chris Johnson, Become The Scariest Team of 2010

By Johnny Sugar | 67 Comments

Yesterday, the New York Jets made a big splash when they signed running back Chris Johnson, who was released by the Tennessee Titans earlier this month.


Report: The 49ers Are Sick Of Aldon Smith’s Sh*t

By RobotsFightingDinosaurs | 56 Comments

While this is sad for Smith, and will only inspire more hair-trigger reactions from the media.

grumble grumble

Happy Birthday, Grumblelord!

By Sarah Sprague | 67 Comments

In honor of our mighty Grumblelord's birthday, a poem.

Unsilent Majority

Better Know A Draft Pick: Khalil Mack

By Unsilent Majority | 33 Comments

He taught himself to play guitar as a freshman, which makes him the kind of disciplined self-starter every GM dreams about.

Komments of the Week

Kommentariat Komments of the Week: April 9-15, 2014

By Sarah Sprague | 75 Comments

Last week everyone was off their game. Understandable. It's the offseason and everything is terrible. This week?

Johnny Sugar

Don’t Forget, Matt Flynn, You’re Here Forever

By Johnny Sugar | 37 Comments

After spending the last two years trying with no avail to make it as a big-city starting quarterback in Seattle in Oakland, Matt Flynn has accepted his fate as Aaron Rodgers Backup For Life.

ksk group post

The Official Kissing Suzy Kolber Scouting Report

By RobotsFightingDinosaurs | 150 Comments

The NFL Draft is coming up, which means that every talking head from ESPN to PFT to MMQB and back will be talking about Wonderlic scores.

xmas ape

Kill Kill Kill: The Golden Eagle Returns

By Christmas Ape | 57 Comments

A Kill Kill Kill favorite is back and faces a foe actually capable of doing damage.

xmas ape

KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Gronk Goes Double Meat

By Christmas Ape | 60 Comments

Gronk double fisting, most info on the Kaepernick story and, unfortunately, Donald Trump news.

ksk group posts

Guess The Schedule, Win Some Crap

By Christmas Ape | 96 Comments

As we all know, the NFL is a copycat league, so other teams are bound to organize a similar contest to build excitement for their schedule release. What will they offer?

Johnny Sugar

Ochocinco: The Montreal Diaries

By Johnny Sugar | 24 Comments

In June 2014, former NFL wide receiver Chad Ochocinco" Johnson was signed to the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football league. His time there was short, and tenuous to say least. While in Montreal, Ochocinco kept a diary of his experiences.

Big Sandy

Antonio Cromartie upped the ante on NFL players and “little people”

By Big Sandy

Not content to let Darnell Dockett have all the fun with "little people" dancers, Antonio Cromartie took things one step further this weekend in Vegas because of course it happened in Vegas.