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KLEARINGHOUSE: Patrick Peterson Celebrates New Contract With Crying Emojis

By Christmas Ape | 21 comments

Patrick Peterson has more money and Richard Sherman is going to hear about it.

Jay Cutler is a Cat

KILL KILL KILL: Jay Cutler Shreds Arizona

By Christmas Ape | 23 comments

Yet he DOOOONNNN'TTT CCCCCAAAAARRRRREEEEEE enough to finish the job.

ksk kontent klearinghouse

KLEARINGHOUSE: The 2014 Conversion Van Craze

By Christmas Ape | 53 comments

What do Jay Cutler, Kirk Cousins and Rob Ryan have in common other than grittiness?

ksk kontent klearinghouse

KLEARINGHOUSE: Goodell Underling Sent Out to Defend Ray Rice Punishment

By Christmas Ape | 61 comments

If Rog won't talk about Ray Rice, there's no chance he's going to talk Jim Irsay.

xmas ape

Sexy Friday Takes Five

By Christmas Ape | 362 comments

I'm on vacation. Don't call me.