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Week 2 Recap: Entire NFL Hurt

By Trevor Risk | 10 comments

Sorry, all your players are belong to injury.

Golf is a good walk spoiled

Seahawks Golf Cart Stolen, 12th Man Called To Arms

By Trevor Risk | 42 comments

Some Seattle fan had their tite whip jacked recently, and reached out to Twitter to find the culprit.

nightmare fuel

A Smug and Angry Jerry Richardson Waiting For You On Line One

By Trevor Risk | 40 comments

Jerry Richardson apparently spends his downtime responding to complaints by his team’s PSL-purchasing fan base personally.

fat adults picking on fat children

This Guy Looks Like He Ate Scott Mitchell

By Trevor Risk | 63 comments

The scourge of '90s Lions fans is going to be on The Biggest Loser.

eric berry

Chiefs Apparently Playing 2014 Without Secondary

By Trevor Risk | 49 comments

For a team that got embarrassed and destroyed by having a cheesecloth secondary in the playoffs last year, the Chiefs sure haven't made moves to secure that side of their defense, whether or not it's because of salary cap space or bad luck with injuries.