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Pandemonium in Oakland after Jack Del Rio reported as new Raiders head coach

By StuScott Booyahs | 40 comments

There's joy in Oakland as the Raiders are said to get the coach with a 68-71 career record.

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Tom Coughlin to Stay On as Giants Coach, Delivers Unpleasant News to His Wife

By StuScott Booyahs | 22 comments

The Giants announced Monday that Tom Coughlin will remain their head coach in 2015.

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The Bills Finally Beat The Patriots On The Road After 14 Years, And Also Disprove Peter King’s Non-Prediction Prediction

By StuScott Booyahs | 7 comments

Still, it wasn't enough to break their 15-year playoff drought, because they shat themselves against the Raiders last week. Poetic.

StuScott Booyahs

Week 17 Late Games Open Thread

By StuScott Booyahs | 1,011 comments

A first-round bye is on the line in Lions-Packers, plus a losing team gets to represent the NFC South.