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Sarah Sprague

Canadian Things

KILL! KILL! KILL!: Tim Horton’s Buffalo Crunch Doughnut

By Sarah Sprague | 58 comments

Can't lie, we'd eat a Buffalo sauce doughnut even if it killed us sooner rather than later.

Cleveland Browns

Josh Gordon 1-Year Suspension For Weed Upheld

By Sarah Sprague | 86 comments

Pretty much losing a year for being weed-adjacent.

Pete Carroll!

Pete Carroll and Seattle Seahawks Punished for Excessively Rough Minicamp

By Sarah Sprague | 27 comments

Winning the Super Bowl does not mean you're above the rules, Pete.

Philadelphia Eagles

Mark Sanchez Does Not Want To Go To The Rams, Gets Help From Friend

By Sarah Sprague | 25 comments

Despite being a starting job, Mark Sanchez does not want to go to St. Louis.

it's the preseason

Saturday Preseason Thread: Eight Games, Playing not to get cut or get hurt

By Sarah Sprague | 251 comments

Last big games for some before the first huge round of cuts. Brutal out there.