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Carolina Panthers

Thursday Night Hype: Saints vs. Panthers

By Old James | 60 comments

This one is for all the marbles. All the really sad, underperforming marbels.

denver broncos

Thursday Night Hype: Chargers vs. Broncos

By Old James | 44 comments

Strap in tight, football fans. This week Thursday Night Hype wants to teach you how to hate again.

arizona cardinals

Darnell Dockett 1, Raiders Fans 0

By Old James | 16 comments

Just 'cause he's hurt doesn't mean he can't troll.

new england patriots

The Strange World of Hype Videos Will Never Be the Same

By Old James | 44 comments

Get ready to get hyped for terrible Thursday games, America.

caviar dreams

KSK Reviews It: Clark Hunt’s Arrowhead Stadium Lair

By Old James | 31 comments

All rankings are in a scale of diamonds, because I assume the wealthy live like James Bond villains.

beef jerky

“Trapped In The Stomach” by Stephen A. Smith

By Old James | 22 comments

You don't think sports personalities can sink any lower, then they show up in Richard Sherman's digestive tract.

arizona cardinals

Drew Stanton Declared Winner In This Week’s “Who Gets to Beat Up on Eli Manning” Contest

By Old James | 8 comments

He'll start against the hapless Giants today, so that sound you just heard was everyone who autodrafted in your fantasy league scrambling toward the free agency pool.


Hello, I’d like to get you into a new football stadium

By Old James | 19 comments

We've come a long way with stadium design, but if you're willing to take a risk and join me, we can go miles further.

miami dolphins

It’s Sexy Time, Miami

By Old James | 87 comments

Grossman to the Browns, but what fun he could have had in Miami.