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The All-Hair Metal Arena Football League

By Johnny Sugar | 54 comments

1980s Hair Metal bands have some sick AFL buyin' money.

Curtis Painer

Better Know A Former Backup QB: Jim Sorgi

By Johnny Sugar | 24 comments

For six glorious years, he was the NFL’s consummate backup QB.

look at this futbol hipster

This Week In F*ck you: The “Soccer Fans Are Hipsters” Strawman Argument

By Johnny Sugar | 94 comments

The former soccer moms are becoming actual soccer fans, and we're about to embark on a future of decidedly uncool people loving the crap out of soccer.

also failing: Jim Druckenmiller's shaved ice stand

Better Know A Former Backup QB: Jim Druckenmiller

By Johnny Sugar | 22 comments

I'm guessing that if you're a reasonably good QB, having huge hands does give you something of an advantage, but it probably can't help you if you suck.


Better Know A Former Backup QB: Jeff Hostetler

By Johnny Sugar | 47 comments

In order to get you through the drudgery of the off-season, we here at KSK are cranking up the nostalgia machine and looking at some of the immortal backup quarterbacks in NFL history.

Washington Football People

Racist Slur Offends Race Slur Was Created To Offend

By Johnny Sugar | 117 comments

According to a recent survey conducted by California State University, 67% of Native Americans find the name Redskins as well as the imagery around it to be racist. Additionally, 65.5 of respondents believed that non-Natives using the phrase was racist, compared to just 17.8 who didn’t.

new york giants

A Requiem For Josh Freeman

By Johnny Sugar | 64 comments

Somewhere along the way, Josh Freeman lost whatever it was that made him a good quarterback.

Donte Stallworth

Roger Goodell Still Hasn’t Done Anything About Jim Irsay, And DeMaurice Smith Is Pissed

By Johnny Sugar | 55 comments

Another day has gone by without Jim Irsay being disciplined by the NFL in any way for his DUI arrest in March – in which he was also found with $29,029 in cash and several bottles of prescription drugs – and the NFLPA is starting to get pretty pissed.