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Cam Newton

NFL Product Tie-in Reviews: Gatorade

By David Rappoccio | 55 comments

One thing is for sure, I'm going to be really hydrated by the end of this article.

hall of fame

Meet your 2014 Hall of Fame inductees

By David Rappoccio | 50 comments

The Hall of Fame game might be a joke, but what it celebrates is not a joke. Lets look at the seven players who receive the highest honor in football this weekend.

drawing lessons

How to Draw Jay Cutler

By David Rappoccio | 15 comments

You have to get the middle finger just right for Catler.

Chris Kluwe

A sneak peek at Chris Kluwe’s new book

By David Rappoccio | 25 comments

Chapter Five: Why Twilight Sparkle is the best pony


How to draw Tom Brady

By David Rappoccio | 19 comments

Soon you'll be able to make your own troll master faces.

David Rappoccio

How to draw Andy Reid

By David Rappoccio | 43 comments

It’s the off-season doldrums of July and that means it’s time for an art lesson! Today we will learn how to draw the big tomato, Andy Reid, coach of the Kansas City Chiefs.


Rob Ryan loves America

By David Rappoccio | 24 comments

Freedom, liberty and Rob Ryan.

David Rappoccio

Tom Brady’s summer hairstyle guide!

By David Rappoccio | 33 comments

Here is Tom Brady’s guide to the next evolution of hairstyles so you can look just as good as the guy who twice lost a super bowl to Eli Manning.

David Rappoccio

The Washington Rexskins

By David Rappoccio | 38 comments

Drop racism and embrace the dragon.