A week after she set the world of college football on fire by appearing on College GameDay and correctly predicting the Ole Miss would upset Alabama, there come multiple reports that Perry will be the halftime act of Super Bowl XLIX.

These reports come courtesy Page 6 and Billboard, which seem like the kind of entertainment outlets that should be reporting such things.

I will argue that Perry is one of the better current pop acts for the grandiose spectacle that is the Super Bowl halftime show. Plus it gives bros the chance to make wardrobe malfunction jokes while sounding creepily hopeful.

The NFL had made some rumblings months ago about asking whichever act ends up playing the Super Bowl to pay some of their post-Super Bowl tour income to the league for the privilege to play a gig for the NFL that they don’t get paid for either. No word yet on whether that will be the case on Perry or if the league decided to be less greedy for once (don’t hold your breath).