It’s been a very distressing experience with the Steelers not having an insane person in their linebacking corps over the last few years, but that time is over – James Harrison is back! Are the Steelers ready to unleash all the personal fouls now that they know Roger Goodell is too busy hiding in seclusion and afraid to show his face to issue suspensions? Probably not. Pittsburgh actually just needed another player after losing linebackers Jarvis Jones and Ryan Shazier to injury for at least a few weeks in their Sunday night win over in Carolina. Even if it’s a player that has his own history of domestic violence problems.

The 36-year-old Harrison spent a mostly unremarkable 2013 season in Cincinnati, where he flipped off “Hard Knocks” cameras more times than he sacked the quarterback. Probably not a great achievement from a football perspective, but cool from any other standpoint.