KOTW Feb 4

Welcome to the KSK Komments of the Week. I am your host Sarah Sprague and today we have a bevy of beautiful comments to get to but first, a quick discussion.

What goes into a comment of the week? Last week a few asked why a certain “wife” joke was not considered to be a KOTW. Someone wondered if it was because perhaps I, as a wife, didn’t like wife jokes. Au contraire, I love wife jokes, but they’re easy. Too easy (like your wife). We are all merely standing on the shoulders of wife joke geniuses Rodney Dangerfield, Henny Youngman, George Burns, Mel Brooks, Don Rickles and Jackie Mason. When the joke tops theirs, then we’ll laugh.

The comments!

The KSK Workout Plan

Old School Zero

Step one: bicep curls, right arm, HEAVY. Reps to failure (usually one).
Step two: flex right bicep in front of mirror (20 minutes)
Step three: load up leg press machine. Reps to failure (.5-1)
Step four: hydrate, flex right bicep in front of mirror (30 minutes)
Step five: stretch/lean against bench press (10 minutes, let people know you’re using it when they ask)
Step six: warm up with just the bar on the bench press. Reps: fifty (or maybe just ten)
Step seven: flex right bicep in front of mirror, then pecs (20 minutes)
Step eight: load up bar. Reps to failure (get it back up to the lower pegs). Make animal noises, yell at anyone trying to spot you, then stalk around the bench for a while.
Step nine: flex right biceps and pecs in mirror (30 minutes). Tell people you’re still using the bench when they ask.
Step ten: walk at regular pace on treadmill while watching Sportscenter, tell people you’re still using the bench when they ask. (20 minutes)
Step eleven: grab large workout bag, open a protein shake, and leave. Do not unload weights from the bar.
Step twelve: tell girl at the check in counter all about your workout, see if she wants to get a beer.
Step thirteen: Act cool when rejected. Go home.
Step fourteen: flex right bicep in bathroom mirror. Masturbate into sink.