Vegan Lentil ChiliVegan Lentil Chili

The Color Palatte of Chili: #591A0D

Dan Pashman: Perhaps, but these chilis have a whole lot of ingredients too, and moles don’t have to have nuts. Just sayin’. Anyway, as a big proponent of Guinness and Beef Stew, I love the addition of Guinness.

I think we should each propose our ideal color of chili base. I think it should be a ruddy red/brown, but maybe it’s better if we state our answer in the form of hex codes. So, #821B07.

Sarah: Mine was a deeper red, #591A0D.

Michael Felder: I’m more of a #B82104 like a clay.

Old James: I landed on #7D3006.

It’s probably important for me to clarify that I meant “ground” beef chuck earlier, and that I’m also something of an amateur to the chili game. Always considered the measuring stick for a good chili was how many days afterward you regretted eating it. So mine’s pretty damn spicy. And brown.

This convo has been nothing short of eye-opening however. Short rib chili might be the best idea I’ve ever heard. And I’m for sure trying the coffee thing in my next batch. Some folks around here use coffee grounds as dry rub on their barbecue and swear by it.

RobotsFightingDinosaurs: #1A0A00. I almost never add tomatoes, veggies, or beans to my chili– it’s just reduced beefs. So, you know, blackish brown (once I add the guinness).

Old James: Mmmm…I bet that rib eye pairs well with chicken fried bacon. BRB, going to go ask my doctor about Lipitor.

Michael Felder: RobotsFightingDinosaurs, I don’t know you, but I want to crawl inside your skin and be you. Facts Only.

Celebrity Hot Tub: I’ll go with 94431B.

Andrea Hangst: I think my chili is more in the 8C2C16 area. But yes, reddish-brown is what I end up with, because beans, meat, spices, tomato product and reduction.

Unsilent: I love coffee in my chili. In addition to the umami bombs I mentioned, I’m adding some chocolatey espresso beans, unsweetened chocolate and chocolate stout. I like bitter stuff. The chocolate is a first for me (hat tip to Kenji at Serious Eats).

Jeb Lund: On account of the guinness and coffee, mine winds up a pretty darkish brown with kind of red highlights. I got this—4D2B04—but I’m not sure what chili coordinates that takes you too. Hopefully some Anglo-Irish Texan at the end of a rainbow, with a big pot of chili, resenting the coloring, y’all boyo.