Rob Ford[via]

The world was warned that Rob Ford would show up at the Falcons-Bills game in Toronto, so we can’t claim we were caught unawares. For the most part, though, it’s been low-grade mayhem. Sure, Ford allegedly stole the seat from a musician prone to whine on Twitter but other than that there hasn’t been any hard drug consumption on-camera and no ladies getting trucked on the concourse, so it’s been a pretty sedate day for Rob, all things considered.

Nevertheless, people have found amusement from the fact that he showed up wearing a Fred Jackson and allegedly swiped someone’s seat.

A little over an hour later, the issue was apparently resolved.

Never let it be said that griping through Twitter was never effective. Since it looked like three-fourths of the stands was empty in the Rogers Centre, not sure why this was an issue.

Ultimately the concept was better than the experience – Rob Ford came to an NFL game wearing an NFL jersey and we got to make Rob Ford jokes. About as much as we could reasonably ask for.