If you were paying attention on Thanksgiving, there was a big football story that happened away from the three scheduled NFL contests of the holiday. Reports out of Washington indicate that no Redskins teammates passed RGIII the stuffing at Thanksgiving. What makes it especially interesting is that it happened amid all the chatter that’s been going on about Robert Griffin III and the locker room in recent weeks.

According to reports, time after time on Thanksgiving, the Redskins quarterback sat at the dinner table looking lost and despondent, a dish containing food he wanted on the other side of the table and no teammates making an overture to pass it to him. In fact, the only people passing him food were NOT teammates. Very interesting…

Phil Savage, a former GM with the Cleveland Browns, was among those who noticed.


Could just be another case of people trying to make something out of nothing. Or could it be a case where there’s ACTUAL SMOKE AND FIRE? This is Thanksgiving, folks, a time when those close to you are supposed to be willing to share a bounteous meal. Unless, that is, you’ve alienated them with aloofness and know-it-all-itude!

After all, it was just one year ago on Thanksgiving that Griffin had his most celebrated performance to date, a dramatic victory in Dallas in which he looked poised to conquer the entire league. What a difference a season makes.

One unnamed source in the Redskins locker room had this to add: “Well, Robert spent Thanksgiving with his family and we with ours so it would have been really bizarre and out of place for one of us to show up just to hand him some sweet potato pie.”

Something to chew on! It still doesn’t change the fact that no Redskins teammates helped him out on one of the biggest togetherness holidays of the year. Just makes you wonder what the heck is going on with that team.