The entire E:60 on Beef Moe is worth watching, but his reaction to getting drafted by Buffalo is the highlight.  Scroll to 5:05 and find out that while the Bills are technically the only team in New York, the Jets and Giants (and like 3 other teams) are closer to Jay-Z.

- Jerry Jones thinks Deion Sanders in his prime could have shut down Calvin Johnson.  Because if there’s one thing the Cowboys could do right now, it’s fit a shutdown cornerback’s salary under the cap.

- Wanna run a football team?  Marrying a crazy billionaire’s daughter seems a lot easier than earning the money yourself.

- If you’re a Bucs or Jags fan it’s time to start thinking about the draft, and Todd McShay likes Marcus Mariota more than Teddy Bridgewater.  I’m sure Nolan Nawrocki does too.

- Goldman Sachs alum/Grantland writer Katie Baker breaks down why that Arian Foster IPO is mostly BS.  Sports business reporter Darren Rovell continues to leave the actual reporting up to talented people.

- This is why Twitter is changing.  Remember, keep calm and laugh at anyone who expected something on the Internet to stay the same.

- Men have it so much easier than women, yo.