It’s the beatdown everyone expected.

The Bears started things off with a steady drive that only stalled when Jay Cutler took a timeout after Chicago got to the Pittsburgh 30 after a series of 8- to 12-yard chunks. The drive stalled there, but the Bears came away with a field goal lead.

Pittsburgh responded heroically by actually running for a first down. But then Ben Roethlisberger was stripped and the Bears got into the end zone to push their lead to 10-0. Pittsburgh countered with a three and out. Matt Forte practically teleported the Bears back into the red zone with a long run where Steelers DBs tried to strip him by tickling his armpits.

An entertaining sequence followed at the goal line with Chicago possibly scoring on three different runs in a four-play sequence, but the refs didn’t let it count until the 4th down attempt.

Major Wright made it 24-3 with a pick-six on the following Pittsburgh drive on a Roethlisberger overthrow. The Steelers looked totally hapless and really still do, but the Bears ran into the punter to give the Steelers a rare first down, which they almost haphazardly parlayed into their first touchdown of the night with a jump ball touchdown catch by Antonio Brown.

With every positive thing the Steelers do, Cris Collinsworth desperately tries to convince the audience that it will serve as a spark plug to turn their fortunes around, because Collinsworth is terrible. And so are the Steelers. And if you turn in for the second half, you get both! Yay!