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Sexy Friday Has The Fireworks Ready

By Christmas Ape / 02.01.13
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This GIF is about a hundred advertisements away from being an effective metaphor for the Super Bowl. It's a total sh*tshow, and afterwards you have to come to grips with the pain that is no more football. Yet no one can look away. And so it will be on Sunday. A lot of you will be at Super Bowl parties and that's cool. Unless you're the person at the party with the laptop, you'll be missing out on the dick jokery of the lonely and homebodied. Your loss, I suppose. We'll be here for whoever wants to join us.

As for the game, hopefully it's not the first really bad one in a while. That would be unfortunate. Though I'll take a huge, barely unwatchable Niners blowout over an all-time classic that somehow results in Ray Lewis winning MVP. What do the talking heads think will happen? Peter King says it's impossible to predict, which is such a PK thing.

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