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New Orleans Expresses Its Roger Goodell Hatred In Obscene Float Form

Sexy Friday Knows Who It’s Really Cheering For

By Christmas Ape / 01.18.13

With each passing weekend, football ebbs further into nothingness. We must savor what little of the game we have until the dreaded off-season is upon us. If the conference title games are anything like last weekend's contests, that shouldn't be difficult. You know what else isn't difficult? Ogling sexy people! Smooth transition, I know. It's takes that kind of finesse to get pictures of sexy people posted on other websites to also appear on your site. Not a skill everyone has but that's why I'm here for you.

Inclusion for ladies/non-traditional make audience

Pics/GIFs via here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here


I want more like this!

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