It’s a given that when the delirious, topical foreigners over at Next Media Animation tackle an NFL-related story, it gets posted on KSK. That’s not because NMA Media has a very keen understanding of the NFL. Quite the contrary. Take this video, for instance. They’re portraying Tim Tebow as a heroic figure wronged by a spiteful Rex Ryan, when in reality Tebow is just another shitty quarterback and a quitting quitster. Still, as always, the NMA Media gives us great visuals, like Tebow weeping rivulets on the bench and God whipping footballs onto Woody Johnson’s head from heaven. Though I must say that the jersey God is wearing looks suspiciously like it might be a Cowboys jersey. Not cool, Taiwanese people. Not cool.

UPDATE: Looks like Nacho is getting the start for the Jets finale. Might as well let him get some last derps in before he gets sent packing. It’s only right.