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Sexy Friday: A Year In Review

By Christmas Ape / 12.28.12
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That's a purposely misleading headline since I'm not actually doing a retrospective of Sexy Friday posts from 2012. It just fits the tenor of what's been on the Internet during this last full week of the year, when a lot of people have been off enjoying the holidays while the Internet has been killing time revisiting what has transpired over the past 12 months. That's not the job of Sexy Friday. After all, there are few things less sexy than dwelling on the past.

As for the future, well, I guess that's not all that sexy, either. At least the future as it pertains to Sunday. On one hand, you want to appreciate Week 17 because it's the last time we're gonna see 20 teams play a (somewhat) meaningful game until September. On the other hand, woof, a lot of those games aren't very good. Hopefully the Dallas-Washington finale on Sunday night will give us a memorable send-off to the regular season. Even if not, there's a new year of sexy to look forward to.

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