Similar reaction: Bucs cheerleaders stumble across KSK kommentariat.

Yesterday, KSK contributor BobbyBigWheel got the heads-up that someone claiming to be a professional athlete in D.C. is trawling Craigslist looking for a third for a threesome with another groupie. Sounds tasteful. Ladies only, please. As of now, the post is still up (careful, there’s peen). Anyway, we did a little scanning over the Redskins roster, and we convinced ourselves that Roy Helu is a solid possible match. The jaw looks about right. This guy claims to be injured. Helu is injured. The only catching point is that the post claims he’s only going to be around until January of next year, whereas Helu is under contract through the 2014 season.

Don’t worry, I blurred it.

Then again, it’s Helu’s rookie deal and this is the NFL, so he knows he very well could be getting axed after this season. It’s also a strong possibility that once again someone is full of sh*t on Craigslist.

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Inclusion for the ladies/non-traditional male audience:

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