It’s gonna take a good helping of sexy to shake the mental image of Lawrence Taylor twirling a used condom over his head like a lasso after getting it on with a 16-year-old prostitute, but Sexy Friday is game for the challenge.

Given that Halloween falls during the week this year and the Northeast is bracing for its Frankenstorm, for many of us, this weekend will be the only chance to party with girls dressed as “Slutty _________.” That sort of cue would be a fine set-up for a gallery of women in hot Halloween costumes, but I think you need that extra motivation to go out and experience them yourself. Plus, there are 8 million slideshows of sexy Halloween costumes being posted over the next week and I trust you can find one for yourself. Plain ol’ non-seasonal sexiness will have to do ya. Now please don’t egg and toilet paper our blog.

Inclusion for the ladies/non-traditional male readership:

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